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Running a call center is not easy. With the experience IDIQ brings to the table, you will learn solutions to common call center challenges.   

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With 23 years in the business, we know how to find the right customer service agents.  Our agents keep a friendly tone while taking control of the call.  Retention and up-selling is no problem!

Meet the IDIQ SVP of Operations - Jason Royal

Jason Royal has been in the call center industry for over 22 years.   While working at Programmers Investment Corp as the VP of Operations, Jason always had an entrepreneurial spirit.   In his lifetime he started several business such as, an iphone repair business, a vending machine business and even a real estate flipping business (Royal Renewals LLC).  But soon he realized his calling was for customer service and he launched RCC (Royal Call Centers) His customer service background and love of people made a perfect fit.  The company grew from just 4 agents to over 60 agents over 3 years and is continuing to grow.  Then on August 1st 2020, RCC was acquired by it's largest (and best!) client IDIQ. Now the call center focuses on brining quality service just to their IDIQ customers and is still run by Jason along with the amazing IDIQ team in California.  Jason prides himself in knowing the call center industry.  He is also known for being the "friendly giant" as he stands at 6'7" tall!   

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IDIQ Customer Service

1699 Wall St, Suite 503, Mount Prospect, IL, United States         

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide the best customer experience, increase customer retention and keep it fun!.

Mt Prospect Call Center

The office located  in Mt Prospect IL is mainly for the IDIQ customer service department with over 80 customer service employees and growing!